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The Ultimate Guide to Constructing a Highly Profitable Webinar Funnel
Everything you need to create, promote, and launch a profitable, high-converting webinar funnel (every time!)
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After years of using them for my own business and helping countless other businesses successfully use them for theirs, I can say with full confidence:

Webinars WORK. It’s just a matter of using the right formula.

But not just any right formula – one that is fit for YOUR business and (most importantly) your personality.

So many webinar trainings out there only teach you a single way to do it, providing you with some robotic template to follow… 

But the thing is,

Without a webinar that looks and feels authentic to YOU, the only thing you’re guaranteed to have is a webinar funnel that doesn’t convert.

That’s why I’ve put a bundle together that walks you through EVERY option and provides all the lessons + materials you need to select the best fit for you and tailor it to your business from top to bottom.

From the webinar strategy you use (i.e. live launch or evergreen) and promo emails you send to the specific content within your webinar slides and how to nail your pitch at the end…

You will be guided through all the steps for creating a highly-profitable webinar funnel that converts each and every time. 

Lifetime Access To Our Webinar Strategy Video Trainings
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Private Online Portal w/ Access To All Our Proven Resources
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  • Proven Tools + Processes
  • ​Video Trainings
  • ​Customizable Funnel Templates
  • ​Funnel Strategy Blueprints
  • Email Swipe Files



Webinar Funnel Strategy

Learn the key steps and best practices for successfully executing all 4 phases of a webinar funnel strategy: Registration, Nurture, Attendance, and Buying.

From the title and messaging of your webinar and which strategy to select to bring in registrations (i.e. social media posts, paid ads, emails) all the way down to my proven methods for getting more leads to ATTEND/WATCH your webinar and take action after your pitch.



Design & Build A Webinar Funnel

There are soo many webinar platforms and templates to choose from. But which one is best for you, your webinar strategy, and your audience?

In this section, you will be walked through the different webinar platform options and gain clarity on which is most suited for you, plus receive my agency’s customizable webinar funnel templates to guarantee each key touchpoint is spoken for. 



Highly Converting Webinar Email Sequences

Just having people opt into your webinar isn’t enough (not if you want to see more leads ATTEND and BUY at the end). That’s why email sequences are crucial.

This training will teach you all the steps and tips for creating high-converting webinar emails, and provide my agency’s customizable email swipe files that give you a detailed framework for each email sequence stage: Promote, Confirm/Nurture, Follow-Up + Sell.



Creating A Highly Converting Webinar

Getting people to opt-in and attend your webinar is one thing, but keeping them locked in and attentive the whole way through (so that they actually get to your pitch) – that’s a whole other obstacle.

Luckily, this phase will equip you with customizable slides that map out the exact flow and journey to take your audience through (and to ensure they feel they’re getting more than ENOUGH value to stick around!). Plus webinar scripts to help give you ideas for the kind of messaging and content to place into each slide.



Diagnosing & Improving Your Webinar

Have a current webinar that isn’t converting? Use this checklist of common mistakes to diagnose what the exact issue is so that you can improve it right away (vs randomly changing all the things until something works). 


"Super happy to report 6 sales DURING my first live webinar (1 of 2) since joining - that's $ 9k revenue so far! I'm so grateful for all the support from Emily and the team! I'm gonna SMASH this week! Watch out!


With this bundle, you will gain lifetime access to everything you need to guarantee your next webinar is HIGHLY profitable! 
  • NO MORE questioning which webinar strategy is the best choice for you.
  • ​ NO MORE getting stuck on what to write or say throughout your webinar.
  • ​ NO MORE having most leads who sign-up for your webinar never attend or watch it.
  • ​NO MORE putting hours of work into your webinar but getting little to no sales in the end.
  • Easily determine which webinar strategy is BEST for you, your business, and offer while having all the tools you need to execute your funnel with ease.
  • ​Launch every webinar with CONFIDENCE knowing it will convert.
  • ​Have a PROVEN framework for successfully promoting your webinars and nurturing each registrant so that they are eager to attend and watch.
  • ​Effectively execute your sales pitch so that more attendees take ACTION and purchase your offer after watching your webinar. 

So many gurus out there are selling webinar products for hundreds and hundreds of dollars – providing you with only HALF of what you’ll get with this.

But with this bundle, you will gain lifetime access to every proven strategy + tool you need to successfully build, promote, and launch a high-converting webinar funnel (plus the exact framework to diagnose and fix any webinar that ISN’T converting) at 1/10th of what other people sell it for.

If you’re ready to go from flopped launches and subpar leads + sales to having a custom, dialed-in webinar funnel that is guaranteed to convert – I promise this bundle is THE comprehensive training you need.

Only $397
(Value $997)

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