A private audio feed series & PDF download centered around the top 5 secrets and action steps marketers use to succeed in any industry.

It’s time for you to take control of your business growth, create more conversions & generate more revenue.

‘Gurus’ have been playing gatekeeper in the Marketing world…

So, I’m giving you access to my mind as CEO of the marketing agency that has a proven track record of increasing revenue, building large audiences, and helping our clients make an impact in their industry.

Our Agency Has Already Generated $117m in Client Revenue

Let’s make learning & implementing simple for you…

There is so much noise in the marketing space…

And it’s not doing anything to help you move the needle forward in your business.

If anything, you're likely more overwhelmed with a to-do list that won't get results, courses you'll never finish, and webinar invites you don't have the time to attend.

You’re doing so much work 
just to try to figure out:

  • How to build out an offer that not only sells, but actually benefits your audience base with an innovative and fresh approach.
  • How to increase your engagement, open rates, and actually connect with your audience through your content.
  • How to take the next step forward and stop the discouragement you’re feeling by not taking action.​
  • ​How to understand the complexities of an ever-changing marketing world and figure out how to simplify YOUR strategy so you can amplify your results.
  • ​How to actually convert your cold traffic. From ads to customers/clients you need to figure out how to leverage a large portion of your audience.

You need actionable steps and a proven plan of action to start building more momentum in your sales and visibility. This audio series & PDF give you the insights you need to get started!


What’s holding back 90% of your marketing success and how to course correct.

The #1 thing that is stalling your success and what steps you can take to adjust.

Why so many businesses & marketing strategies fail and how to stop yourself from going backward.

​How to embrace the fact that marketing is NOT easy… but it is simple and you CAN break that fear and step into success.

The strategic approach to converting cold traffic so you can achieve 7-figures in your business.

Without a CLEAR and ACTIONABLE approach to offer development and converting messaging combined with a custom marketing strategy, even the BEST business, course, program, eBook, etc. will FLOP!

Make the decision to do what it takes to go from being stuck to unstoppable growth in your business!

Ready to dive in?

Hi, I'm Emily!

CEO and Founder of Hirsh Marketing

My agency has built a reputation for rapid and ground-breaking success for our clients. 

Built on the innovative and cutting-edge approach of our team, I’ve launched countless offers, built high-converting funnels, and scaled million-dollar campaigns.

Now I’m bringing my marketing secrets directly to you. 

Get ready to transform your business and unlock the success you’ve been dreaming of!
I signed up to build my confidence at making 2023 the year I really commit to make marketing work and mastering my message to reach more people and change more lives with what I have to offer.    - Tarasa G.
I signed up because I listened to a podcast episode between you and George and I knew I needed more guidance going into this year. I want to get a head start on setting my business up for success after the year of the pivot! I also truly trust everything you say and that's hard to find in the online space!    - Brooke J.
Although the marketing information we are going to learn will be invaluable and help business owners prepare for this coming year, that's not why I signed up. I signed up because Emily actually cares about other business owners' success and her honest transparency is a breath of fresh air in an incredibly loud industry.    - Micah K.
Thanks for providing such a wealth of knowledge and practical wisdom and action!   - Kim C.
Take control of your business growth.
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