THE FUTURE OF MARKETING: Customized Ads Management & Personalized Funnel Coaching –  Tailored for YOUR Business's Unique Needs

Marketing Mastery
at Your Fingertips

Alignment. Strategy. Messaging. Copywriting. Design. Ads Management.

Wrapped up in 1:1 Support + Ongoing Coaching.

Say goodbye to money-sucking campaigns and uninspiring content.

Our team of marketing experts are some of the best in the industry… and they are here to elevate your business and make sure you thrive in perfect harmony…


Growing your business is an adventure and  you need support  at every turn.

It's time for a partner who knows how to get you massive results without the headache of doing it all yourself.

You're here to make an impact and our team are the trailblazers in implementing marketing trends in real-time while making sure each custom strategy is centered around your natural gifts and the long-term goals of your business.

Success in your business shouldn’t come at the cost of your relationships, health, and dreams… it should fuel them.

To achieve that you need more than just ‘trendy’ temporary fixes.

You need to have help steering your company toward sustainable success.

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Break FREE from the old ways:

  • Ditch the one-size-fits-all advice. Customize what truly works for YOU.
  • No more feeling overwhelmed. Trust your instincts and see real results.
  • Say goodbye to DIY confusion or average agency outcomes.
  • Keep up with changes and manage rising costs effortlessly.
  • ​Technical troubles? Consider them solved.
  • Focus on your expertise, not just marketing.
  • Don’t just spend on ads; invest in profitable and creative solutions.
  • Move beyond stagnation with strategic support and resources.
  • ​You don’t have to sacrifice your life for business success.

Break FREE from the old ways:

Ditch the one-size-fits-all advice. Customize what truly works for YOU.
No more feeling overwhelmed. Trust your instincts and see real results.
Say goodbye to DIY confusion or average agency outcomes.
Keep up with changes and manage rising costs effortlessly.
Technical troubles? Consider them solved.
Focus on your expertise, not just marketing.
Don’t just spend on ads; invest in profitable and creative solutions.
Move beyond stagnation with strategic support and resources.
You don’t have to sacrifice your life for business success.

Embrace a New Approach

Adapt, innovate, and rise above.


 A deep understanding of your unique strengths and a strategy that reflects your definition of success. 

A completely custom and unique marketing plan tailored to your business, offer, and niche with a focus on audience growth, lead generation, and sales.

Ad messaging crafted to resonate deeply with your ideal customer, ensuring each campaign speaks directly to their needs.

Ad management that highlights the uniqueness of your offer, tailored to stand out in the competitive digital landscape.

Consistent optimization and refinement of ad strategies, maximizing the effectiveness and reach of every marketing dollar spent.


We take the lead in harmonizing your business, refining your offers, and elevating your messaging, so you can lead from a place of peace and drive sales.


Our team, constantly in tune with the digital landscape, propels your growth rapidly. 
From strategy to creatives, we have you covered.

Our Holistic Process:


Identify + Align:

Our journey begins with an insightful exploration into your unique talents, core values, and passions. This initial phase is all about aligning your marketing strategy with your personal goals, vision, and authentic expertise. It’s a deep dive into what makes your brand truly special.

Strategic Collaboration Session:

Next, we engage in a comprehensive 60-minute session with our expert strategist. This critical meeting is where we craft a tailor-made funnel and ad strategy that aligns perfectly with your business.

In-Depth Strategic Blueprint:

Within 72 hours of our strategy session, you’ll receive a detailed presentation from our strategy team and a messaging strategy doc. 
This blueprint includes:
  • A custom marketing strategy, carefully mapped to your business needs.
  • A unique brand messaging plan, tailored just for you from our messaging specialist.
  • A comprehensive ad strategy that complements your funnel.
  • Detailed business projections, tailored to your sales goals.
  • A complete action plan and timeline, ensuring effective execution.


  • Unlimited Training Vault Access: 
    Access to our comprehensive training vault, an ever-evolving library of resources designed to empower your marketing journey. It’s your go-to destination for learning, growing, and staying ahead in the ever-changing digital marketing landscape.
  • Expert Ads Management:
    Sit back and watch as our team takes the reins on running your ads. We apply our expertise to ensure your campaigns are not just active but thriving, bringing you closer to your business goals every day.
  • Monthly Status Check-Ins:
    Each month, we connect for a status call. It’s a time for reflection, review, and forward planning. These sessions are vital for keeping our strategies aligned and your business on the right track.
  • Monthly Copy and Creative Refinement:
    Your Account Manager will regularly recommend updates to your copy and creative elements. Once a month, we’ll refresh these aspects to keep your content fresh, engaging, and in line with the latest market trends.
  • Task Management by Account Manager:
    Your Account Manager will efficiently coordinate all tasks related to copy and creative refreshes. They are your strategic partner, ensuring that all pieces of your marketing puzzle fit perfectly.
  • Weekly Updates with a Personal Touch:
    Expect a weekly status report from your Account Manager, complete with insightful suggestions and a Loom video overview. These updates will keep you informed and involved in the ongoing progress.
  • Monthly Recap and Strategy Session:
    Alongside our monthly call, you’ll receive a detailed recap report with suggestions for the next steps. This is where we review our achievements and strategize for even greater success in the coming month.
  • Essential Office Hours for Tailored Support:
    Get custom support during our Essential office hours. Here, we address any area where you’re stuck, based on your Account Manager’s suggestions and strategy pivots. From light audits of lead magnets to email optimizations, we're here to assist.
  • Deep Dive Calls for Critical Insights:
    When needed, and as recommended by your Account Manager, we schedule a 60-minute deep dive call. This session is reserved for times when fundamental aspects of your strategy require in-depth analysis and adjustment.

With Hirsh You Have Constant Support & Innovation

With our team, expect constant innovation, strategic adjustments, and a relentless pursuit of results.

"I started at zero. Nobody knew who I was. We started working together and in the six months that we’ve been working together, I have over 7,000 subscribers now – a massive community and not just a massive community because numbers are great. But what really matters is the quality, it is a highly engaged community that I get to interact, that I get to talk with. And an actual business that supports me and my family, it’s not just a hobby, it’s an actual business.

I can’t even praise you and your company and your business enough because you haven’t just given me a business, you haven’t just given me an income. But you’ve helped me fulfill my calling, my purpose and given me a community to teach and help and guide. And for that, I will forever be grateful. 

Without you, Emily, I couldn’t teach other people. I couldn’t turn the traumas that I went through for good. The only reason I’ve been able to help these women, is because of you and your team."

-Connie Trowbridge, 
Women's Law of Attraction Life Coach


What if I’m new to running ads?
If you're just starting with ads, that’s perfectly fine! Many clients begin with a modest budget of $1.5k or more to test the waters. Our goal is to scale your ad spend responsibly while boosting your profits. Evolve offers a custom strategy, complete ad and funnel management, and the expertise to gather initial data and results that will justify and facilitate the increase in your ad budget.
Is Evolve suitable for launching a new offer in my business?
Evolve is ideal if you’ve already tested your offer in the market. If you have a proven audience and this is an additional offer complementing your existing successful ones, then Evolve is a perfect fit. If your offer is completely new and untested, you might benefit from our other services first to establish its market viability.
How long is the commitment with Evolve?
We engage with our clients for a minimum of three months. This period is essential to demonstrate profitability and validate our management approach. We seek partnerships with clients who are ready to embrace our expertise in marketing for tangible results.
Is there a guarantee that Evolve will work for me? 
While we can’t offer guarantees due to the dynamic nature of ads and various success factors, we assure you of our utmost effort and expertise. Our team is relentless in pursuing results, and as long as you have a quality product or service and are open to our content strategies, success is highly probable.
What if the strategies don’t work for me?
Marketing is an ever-evolving field. If something doesn’t work initially, we persistently test, refine, and repeat processes. We only onboard businesses we believe we can genuinely help, ensuring a greater likelihood of success.
What kind of results do Evolve clients typically see?
Results vary greatly among clients, depending on factors like reach and ad spend. On average, clients experience a 2-4x return on investment, but this can differ. Our strategy team will discuss projections with you during your intensive strategy session, providing a clearer picture based on different ad spend scenarios.  
What do I need to be ready for Evolve?
 To be a good fit for Evolve, you should have:
→ An offer that has already sold organically.
→ The ability to dedicate 1-2 hours/week for communication with our team.
→ Openness to new strategies and expert advice.
→ A MINIMUM monthly marketing budget of $3,000+ (This includes cost of support + a minimum monthly ad spend budget of $1,000) 
How do I set myself up for success with Evolve?
Success with Evolve comes from aligning with your business goals and being open to creating content based on our recommendations. Your active participation and quick feedback are crucial. Clients who balance prompt communication with a deep understanding of their business goals tend to achieve the best results with our team.

Join Us and Elevate Your Marketing

We expertly manage your ads, guide your marketing, and free you to be the visionary and innovator of your business.


Our Evolve package is priced at:

$2,000/mo + 10% of ad spend

*4-Month Commitment*

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